Monday, 22 May 2017

Block 1 Apartment 5

The story of Block 1 Apartment 5 is a returning concern for the guys and gals of Paderborn Paranormal Group, a concern that started back in 2011, a time before Jani and Joe were part of the team.
Adam, the only remaining member, along with Andy and Denise, the PPG founders, were called to this location near the city of Paderborn, and came away with some hard evidence. A voice with a distinctly American or Canadian accent was captured saying
 "this is very bad" 
 Another voice claimed to be a person with the name Williams, and the same or similar North American voice from before was clearly heard to say
"what's that ?"
in reply to a question.

 The team visited the Apartment on a number of occasions, and at least once with new member Jani in tow, and then, new people moved into the two bedroom residence, and access was lost.

Years passed, Andy and Denise left Germany for a life in the "Good 'ol USofA", and Joe filled the missing void in Team PPG.

It's now 2017 and the apartment is once again empty, and Joe and Adam took advantage. Adam collected the keys, picked up Joe and the two of them crossed the threshold, for Joe, into pastures new. Sadly Jani was not able to join us, something that was to be noticed, and not just by the rest of the team.

 Armed with the usual voice recorders, mel and K2 meters, disturbance detectors and a REM Pod, the work started. Nothing seemed untoward or out of place. Shadows moving were debunked as cars passing below and strange sounds were put down as outside interference.

The main bedroom however was a slightly different matter, as we came across what could only be described as an "unintelligent freestanding mass of energy" Using the K2 meter, we could map out the size, which was approximately 1 meter across. This is large, bigger than a human form and appeared to be just staying still. Very strangely, it was only the K2 meter that could pick this up. The Mel Meter was staying firmly on 0, and the REM Pod stayed dormant.

We still don't know for sure what it is, but we nicknamed it Tommy. :)

Back at home, the audio files from the voice recorder were checked and analysed, and we have caught some interesting stuff.

For a start, Tommy was giving off a sound. Not a voice, unfortunately, but a loud electrical buzzing sound that had not been audible to the human ear, and secondly, we caught a voice on Joes voice recorder that said, quite clearly
"No Woman"
This Voice, this EVP, communication from Beyond the Veil or whatever you want to call it, was not said by either Joe or Adam, it has not been debunked, although we have tried, and is an intelligent observation that there were, for the first time, no females present.
Time is running out

It's a great EVP and one to file away with the other class A recordings from Block 1 Apartment 5

Who is it at this location....., we just don't know, and once again time is running out. The apartment is rented by the British Army and is due to be handed back to the civilians next month.

This Friday night, the 26th May, we are returning as a complete team, probably for the last time, and we will have in tow, our good friend and Psychic Medium, Debs with us. Hopefully having two females will get the lost souls to talk, and Debs can find us the answers needed to close this chapter.

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