Friday, 21 October 2016

What do we do? Part 3.

During an investigation

The equipment is all set up and running, we have gone dark, then starts the most exciting moment of a case.... the first few minutes attempting to communicate with whatever may be haunting the location (if anything at all!)
Of course every case is unique, every location is different and each investigation calls for slightly different investigative techniques.
But what each investigation has in common is that we will always head to the area of most paranormal activity to kick off the investigation. Generally we start as a group and carry out an initial EVP session. Here we ask basic questions including the classic "is there anyone here with us?". It may sound cheesy but hey, you need to know if anyone else is listening to you!
EVP sessions follow no real set pattern. The basic rules are:
  • After hitting record on the voice recorder we state the time, date, investigation name, EVP session location and the names of all persons present. (vital when carrying out evidence review!)
  • Everyone must remain quiet during the session when not asking questions
  • After each question a silent pause of at least 5 seconds (preferably longer) must be observed to give any potential intelligent spirit time to reply
  • If anyone makes any unwanted noise they are to 'Tag' it on the recording by saying their name and what is was that caused the noise
  • Likewise any noise pollution should also be tagged (passing cars, dogs barking, noisy neighbours etc)
  • An EVP session will always be ended with a tag stating time and location
An EVP session doesn't always have to be a constant barrage of questions.... good results can sometimes be obtained by just trying to have a 'normal conversation' with whatever spirits are present. Just treat them as another person present on the investigation. Afterall, they were indeed just a normal person once before!
Trigger objects can be used to provoke an emotional response which may lead to EVP's being captured. These can include Family photographs, childs toys, personal effects like jewelry, etc.

A point to note is that an EVP session is mainly aimed at intelligent spirits .... a residual haunting is not going to be able to hear your questions... let alone answer them!
After the initial EVP session the investigation can continue. There is no set sequence of events so I will just detail each technique with a brief description.
  • Interaction with equipment
Here we will ask if any spirits present can manipulate our equipment. Usually we will ask them to touch the K-II meter, the Mel-Meter, the REM POD, Laser Grid or another EMF meter.

Take pictures!!
Lots of pictures.... you never know what you will capture. Team PPG always says 'Flash' before taking a picture in the dark to give other investigators a chance to close their eyes and save their night vision!

  • Interaction with Trigger objects
    Here we try to engourage any spirits present if they can touch, push or knock over any trigger objects present.
  • Maglite torch experiment
    This experiment involves turning 1 or more Maglite torches almost to the on position then laying them down. We then proceed to ask if anyone present can turn one of the torches on. If a torch turns on on command we then ask if it can also be turned off on command. This is usually carried out on a count of 3. If this technique functions we then establish one torch as the 'yes' torch and 1 torch as the 'no' torch then proceed with asking questions.
    (Note; this technique is quite controversial with many people explaining how the torch is capabable of turning itself on and off due to simple thermal rules. This may be the case but team PPG has had some unbelievably good results using this technique that really stretch the realm of coincidence! Also, the Maglite experiment should always be used in conjunction with other equipment to try to rule out coincidence)
Spirit-Box SB-7
This device enables us to have a 'live' conversation with any intelligent spirits present. Due to the white noise this device generates it can be quite hard work maintaining concentration. Also, any responses can sometimes be very hard to understand. But when a loud and clear answer bursts from the speaker it can be an exciting time!
More information about the SB-7 Spirit Box here:

  • Burst EVP session
    This involves carrying out a very short, generally 1 – 2 minute EVP session and then immediately playing back the recording to see if anyone did indeed answer.... also quite an exciting moment!
  • Solo session
    As the name implies an investigator will carry out a short investigation alone. This can sometimes be an EVP session, or can just involve sitting alone and trying to initiate contact. This will always be carried out with either a hand held video camera or a static video camera. If anything paranormal happens the rest of the team want to witness it as well!!
  • Ouja board
    A very controversial and potentially dangerous investigation technique. Team PPG rarely uses this technique and then only with the express permission of the client. Team PPG never uses a Ouija board during investigations involving children. There are simply to many risks involved. When using the Ouija board we always have one person acting as witness, documenting everything that happens. Usually Jani ;-)

Dowsing Rods
Every now and then Team PPG will break out the dowsing rods as an investigative technique. We usually just ask any spirit present if it can manipulate the rods to answer questions. This is another controversial technique and we would never make claims of paranormal activity purely based upon evidence collected using this technique.

  • Good old fashioned patience!
    Just sitting, staying quiet, asking the right questions and letting the video cameras record everything can sometimes bring the best results. Team PPG has filmed 2 shadow figures using this simple technique!!
An average investigation will usually run from approx 7pm until 2am. Obviously if activity is being experienced the investigation could run a lot longer.
When the decision to end an investigation has been made the lights will be turned on and the equipment collected and packed away.
Jani will then carry out her end of investigation cleansing ritual. This will always involve the clients, while Adam films. We have been known to gather evidence of paranormal activity during this ritual.
Then it's time to head off home to get some much needed sleep.... but the investigation is far from over. In fact, the hardest and most time-intensive part is yet to come....evidence review......

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