Friday, 21 October 2016

What do we do? Part 2


We usually arrive at our investigation location between 19:00 and 20:00.
The first thing we do is sit quietly with our clients (usually with a cup of coffee!) and talk through all of their experiences again. The client will then take us through the location explaining exactly what happened and where. This really helps us to understand what is going on and helps us decide where we will set up our equipment.
During the tour of the location we will often ask a lot of questions and even ask the client to re-create events for us. Occasionally we will immediately be able to debunk some claims..... on the other hand strange things that confirm the clients claims can happen during this tour!

In 2014 we were in the kitchen of our client and she was explaining that she keeps hearing somebody knocking on the door that leads down to the cellar. While we were digesting this claim and trying to debunk it we heard a knocking coming from the very door in question! Joe leapt towards the door and opened it.... and of course there was no one there. We couldn't explain what had caused this knocking and the clients claims were verified on the spot! Later during the investigation we recorded a lot of noise coming from this empty room!
During this tour Adam will draw a sketch map of the entire location marking the areas where the clients claim to have had strange experiences. Later he will mark it with equipment locations and any areas where team PPG think they may have experienced paranormal activity.
After the tour we ask the client to stay in one location while we conduct our preliminary sweep through the location. This gives us time to discuss the claims again (and to talk about anything we consider to be suspicious such as exaggeration, alternate explanations etc) and also gives us time to decide upon equipment placement.
We also take some baseline readings such as EMF & temperature (with our Mel-Meter and K-II Meter) and also take a large number of "before investigation" photos. These are invaluable later during evidence review when we compare them to pictures taken during the actual investigation.

Areas of high EMF are also noted such as Fuse boxes, electrical appliances and open wiring. This prevents false EMF readings during the investigation.
Another important thing we consider is where NOT to investigate. This could be a children's bedroom where stirring up paranormal activity could be a bad idea, a dangerous attic or just simply an area of the location where we don't want to waste valuable time. We try to focus our time and energy on the areas where paranormal activity is suspected.

At this point Jani will return to the clients to explain what we are doing (and what we plan to do) while Adam & Joe set up all the equipment. The following equipment is then set up and made live:
  • IR night vision video camera
  • Shadow detector (which alarms when it detects shadow movement)
  • REM Pod (which alarms when it detects a disturbance in its own electromagnetic field)
  • a static digital voice recorder
  • a number of lights with motion sensors
Adam & Joe then return to Jani & the clients to quickly talk through what is about to happen. A final cup of coffee will be drank, each person will take 1 or 2 pieces of equipment then it's time to turn out the light and let the fun begin.......

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