Friday, 21 October 2016

What do we do? Part. 1

Before an investigation

Preparation is everything! Joe & I being ex-military really know the importance of preparing thoroughly and doing our homework before every PPG outing.

Initial preparation can follow 2 routes depending on if we are investigating a private house or a public location (such as Böddeken). The following is preparation for investigating a private family residence.

Step 1.
Usually we will receive an email from our client briefly describing the problems they are facing and why they have called us. Jani then steps up in her role as Case Manager and carries out a telephone interview with the client. We have a number of questions we ask such as: 'What did you experience (see, hear, feel, smell)?', 'Was anyone else with you and did you experience the same thing?', 'What are your beliefs in the paranormal?', 'Does this happen in only one spot or in more locations?', and many, many more.

During the interview Jani will activate her very sensitive (and accurate!) bullshit detector. This has helped us deal with fake stories, attention seekers and people who are only interested in joining our group on more than one occasion!

Step 2
When Jani is satisfied she will excitedly contact Adam & Joe with all the juicy details. Then a legendary PPG Team meeting will be called, usually at Jani's house.
Whilst consuming liters of coffee and packets of biscuits (often from the 'Haunted Biscuit Tin') the details of the alleged paranormal activity will be picked apart, theories will be thrown back and forth and, most important of all, do we believe the case worthy of investigating?
When we have all agreed than a paranormal investigation is warranted Jani will then contact the client and arrange a date and a time. We usually investigate on Friday or Saturday evenings between 19:00 and 02:00.

Step 3
At this point in the preparation we will use google maps to locate the investigation site and sometimes even do a daylight drive by to ensure we can find it in the dark!
And even that sometimes doesn't help..... we have lost our way in the dark on more than one occasion!!!
An effort will also be made to uncover any interesting history of the location such as previous reports of paranormal activity or of deaths and other extreme events that may have triggered the reported activity.
This then leads us on to investigation tactics such as:
  • placement of Infra-Red (IR) Night Vision cameras to cover activity hotspots
  • use and placement of trigger objects
  • deciding upon appropriate Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Session questions
  • Specific investigation locations (and locations not to be investigated)
  • potential disturbing factors (such as loud neighbours, busy nearby roads, children, pets etc)
Step 4
On the day of the investigation all of our equipment will be checked to make sure it is all working properly, old files will be deleted and all batteries will be charged.
Then we are almost ready to go..... there is just one more vital task to fulfill....... the filling of the flask with hot coffee!!!!
Then we hit the road full of hope of encountering the ever elusive Full Bodied Apparition.......

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