Saturday, 22 October 2016

Just a pic or two

We headed out as a team, by ourselves, with no customers, bullshitters or wannabe ghost hunters in tow last Friday night. We didn't have a private house to do, we just headed out because we wanted to. We hit 3 places in the few hours that we had, starting off with the SS firing range, and finished up searching for signs of the White Lady at Bödekken.

We wanted to stop off for a quick 10min EVP session in the former Concentration camp, but the local fire brigade were having some beers and a BBQ there, so we left it and headed to the War Cemetery instead. (Note; the former concentration camp is now a residential area with houses, businesses and the fire brigade)
Away from the camp and its SS Range, down in the valley is the Cemetery with the graves of hundreds of soldiers, both known and unknown. It's often lit with red votive candles and these cast an eerie glow about the place. We have, in the past, had some happenings at this cemetery, but on this night, all seemed quiet and after an hour or two, we opted to head just a kilometer down the road to the chapel and the graves of the family Mallinckrodt.
It gets cold down in the valley, but wrapped up warm and with hot coffee and sandwiches on offer, moral stayed high. We spent some time trying to coax a reaction to the trigger objects and questions that we had, but here too felt barren.
It was a good night, the evidence review so far, has turned up a couple of questionable sounds that are in need of fresh ears to prove or disprove the possibility of the paranormal, and there's still more to go through, so for now, here's just a pic or two from the night.

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