Saturday, 22 October 2016

Audio Review

Audio review sounds quite basic, but it's a bit more than just putting headphones on and listening to the recorded files, and the euphoria of an EVP is often short lived as 9 times out of 10, it'll get debunked somewhere during the follow up checks.
So the Investigation is over, and sitting on my voice recorder is 4 hours of audio files. Every question we asked, every sneeze, yawn, fart and annoyingly, every other sound made within recording distance of the kit.

What happens next ?

The files get transferred to my laptop and are stored in an easily accessible place. The next step is to add each file, one at a time into the audio software, where it gets listened to. I tend to subconsciously filter out Adams, Janis and my own voice whilst listening, and concentrate mainly in the background. What I'm listening for are sounds that are not

quite right or seem somehow out of place. A faint whistle whilst in a graveyard. A whisper after a question or the sounds of knocking whilst all else is quiet. These can be fairly easy to pick out, but if a car passes close by, an airplane flies above or even if the wind blows too strongly, then any whispered voice or distant scream will be muffled and masked.
I've gone through the first file and actually do have something of interest.

What happens now ?

The section of interest gets highlighted within the audio software where I can re-play it over and over again. I change the volume, the sound, the tone and I sometimes change the speed as well. After all this, I still find it interesting. To me it is a voice, I just can't make out what is being said. I copy the file, mark it with time and title and file it away for a second set of ears.
Then it's back to the original file and keep going.
Audio review can at times be a laborious task depending on the amount of ambient noise. A 30 min audio file can take upwards of an hour to properly review.

What happened with the file that I copied and kept ?

Once I've finished with all the audio files and have collected a swift handful of possible recordings, one or both of the other two will come to mine for coffee and to lend me their ears. Basically a second opinion.
My copied file is one of these, and after both Jani and Adam hear it, we still regard it as interesting. We all agree that it is a whispered voice, but it's just too faint to determine individual words, so what now's an EVP ?

Ummmmm no, not yet.
The time and title of the file both determine where and when the voice was heard. An example being 12 minutes and 32 seconds into the investigation of the kitchen. The file is then compared to the video file. We turn on the video and audio at approximately the same time, so 12.32 on my audio is 12.32 on the videos.
.....and there in the background we see at that exact time, the customer leans to her husband a whispers something inaudible to us, but picked up by the recorders.
Sadly, my file was not paranormal. It wasn't a voice from out of the portal of hell or a ghostly cry for help from beyond the veil, but nothing more sinister than the customer suggesting a nice cup of tea.
On to the next.

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