Tuesday, 12 September 2017



After over 6 months of planning Team PPG finally arrived to investigate one of the most exciting locations they have ever investigated. Unfortunately, due to it's sensitive location, the exact location cannot be revealed. All that can be said is that it is located in Sennelager (Paderborn), was built between 1892 & 1894, has been in permanent use since then and has a very interesting history.
It is also one of the largest locations that Team PPG has ever investigated.
Various reports and rumours of paranormal activity are attached to this location, from the usual feelings of being watched, cold spots, strange noises to a recent report of a Full Bodied apparition of a World War 2 era German Soldier being seen rushing through the cellars. The employee who experienced this has never set foot in the cellars since then!
The night proved to be unexpectedly quiet for Team PPG who experienced no activity at all.... that is until Joe decided to set off for a solo session in the cellar while Adam & Jani over watched the main hall area from a balcony (where the band would have played to entertain guests in the main hall).... the time??.....


This is what happened in the following 9 minutes...

2 minutes to midnight...
23:58h Joe heads down into the cellar for a solo session.
Adam & Jani are situated on the balcony overlooking the main hall. They have a video camera located on the balcony with them filming down into the hall. In the hall they have the following equipment set up: Shadow Detector, REM DD (disturbance detector), REM POD, Motion activated light.

23:59h Video camera on balcony fails and switches off

00:00h Shadow detector activates, Adam informs Joe of this by radio

00:01h Shadow detector activates again. Jani then asks whoever activated it to turn it back off. Shadow detector goes off on command.

Adam pointing to where the shadow figure was seen
00:02h Shadow detector activates again. Adam decides to inform Joe of this by radio. During this call Jani sees a free standing shadow-figure moving below her under the balcony area in the main hall moving towards the shadow detector. Adam asks Joe to return to location. (The shadow detector remained activated during this whole event)

Red Light Anomaly where Shadow Figure was seen
00:03h Joe returns to the team on the balcony. The team explain what had just happened. Jani notices on one of the pictures she had taken of the 'Shadow Figure' that only a large red floating          anomaly could be seen.

00:05h Adam heads down to the main hall and finds that the shadow detector has actually been moved! He repositions and resets it and collects a spare battery for the video camera that had turned off.

Motion Activated Light turns on

00:06h As Adam returns to the balcony the REM DD alarms to signal a disturbance in it's vicinity and the motion activated light switches on. Was the Shadow Figure following Adam?

00:07h Adam returns to the team on the balcony. No further activity is recorded.

During video evidence review a few other interesting events were captured. In the minutes leading up midnight and the sighting of the shadow figure a number of interesting light anomalies were seen in the area of the shadow Detector. A static camera also caught the REM DD activating a number of times for no apparant reason.

REM DD Activates moments before Shadow Figure appeared

During audio evidence review Joe captured a couple of possible EVP's and one Class A EVP recorded in the main hall that clearly says "Here" (or "Hier" in German).

This was an amazing night for Team PPG and a very exciting few minutes were experienced at midnight.

A follow-up investigation is already in the planning stages.....

Monday, 22 May 2017

Block 1 Apartment 5

The story of Block 1 Apartment 5 is a returning concern for the guys and gals of Paderborn Paranormal Group, a concern that started back in 2011, a time before Jani and Joe were part of the team.
Adam, the only remaining member, along with Andy and Denise, the PPG founders, were called to this location near the city of Paderborn, and came away with some hard evidence. A voice with a distinctly American or Canadian accent was captured saying
 "this is very bad" 
 Another voice claimed to be a person with the name Williams, and the same or similar North American voice from before was clearly heard to say
"what's that ?"
in reply to a question.

 The team visited the Apartment on a number of occasions, and at least once with new member Jani in tow, and then, new people moved into the two bedroom residence, and access was lost.

Years passed, Andy and Denise left Germany for a life in the "Good 'ol USofA", and Joe filled the missing void in Team PPG.

It's now 2017 and the apartment is once again empty, and Joe and Adam took advantage. Adam collected the keys, picked up Joe and the two of them crossed the threshold, for Joe, into pastures new. Sadly Jani was not able to join us, something that was to be noticed, and not just by the rest of the team.

 Armed with the usual voice recorders, mel and K2 meters, disturbance detectors and a REM Pod, the work started. Nothing seemed untoward or out of place. Shadows moving were debunked as cars passing below and strange sounds were put down as outside interference.

The main bedroom however was a slightly different matter, as we came across what could only be described as an "unintelligent freestanding mass of energy" Using the K2 meter, we could map out the size, which was approximately 1 meter across. This is large, bigger than a human form and appeared to be just staying still. Very strangely, it was only the K2 meter that could pick this up. The Mel Meter was staying firmly on 0, and the REM Pod stayed dormant.

We still don't know for sure what it is, but we nicknamed it Tommy. :)

Back at home, the audio files from the voice recorder were checked and analysed, and we have caught some interesting stuff.

For a start, Tommy was giving off a sound. Not a voice, unfortunately, but a loud electrical buzzing sound that had not been audible to the human ear, and secondly, we caught a voice on Joes voice recorder that said, quite clearly
"No Woman"
This Voice, this EVP, communication from Beyond the Veil or whatever you want to call it, was not said by either Joe or Adam, it has not been debunked, although we have tried, and is an intelligent observation that there were, for the first time, no females present.
Time is running out

It's a great EVP and one to file away with the other class A recordings from Block 1 Apartment 5

Who is it at this location....., we just don't know, and once again time is running out. The apartment is rented by the British Army and is due to be handed back to the civilians next month.

This Friday night, the 26th May, we are returning as a complete team, probably for the last time, and we will have in tow, our good friend and Psychic Medium, Debs with us. Hopefully having two females will get the lost souls to talk, and Debs can find us the answers needed to close this chapter.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Audio Review

Audio review sounds quite basic, but it's a bit more than just putting headphones on and listening to the recorded files, and the euphoria of an EVP is often short lived as 9 times out of 10, it'll get debunked somewhere during the follow up checks.
So the Investigation is over, and sitting on my voice recorder is 4 hours of audio files. Every question we asked, every sneeze, yawn, fart and annoyingly, every other sound made within recording distance of the kit.

What happens next ?

The files get transferred to my laptop and are stored in an easily accessible place. The next step is to add each file, one at a time into the audio software, where it gets listened to. I tend to subconsciously filter out Adams, Janis and my own voice whilst listening, and concentrate mainly in the background. What I'm listening for are sounds that are not

quite right or seem somehow out of place. A faint whistle whilst in a graveyard. A whisper after a question or the sounds of knocking whilst all else is quiet. These can be fairly easy to pick out, but if a car passes close by, an airplane flies above or even if the wind blows too strongly, then any whispered voice or distant scream will be muffled and masked.
I've gone through the first file and actually do have something of interest.

What happens now ?

The section of interest gets highlighted within the audio software where I can re-play it over and over again. I change the volume, the sound, the tone and I sometimes change the speed as well. After all this, I still find it interesting. To me it is a voice, I just can't make out what is being said. I copy the file, mark it with time and title and file it away for a second set of ears.
Then it's back to the original file and keep going.
Audio review can at times be a laborious task depending on the amount of ambient noise. A 30 min audio file can take upwards of an hour to properly review.

What happened with the file that I copied and kept ?

Once I've finished with all the audio files and have collected a swift handful of possible recordings, one or both of the other two will come to mine for coffee and to lend me their ears. Basically a second opinion.
My copied file is one of these, and after both Jani and Adam hear it, we still regard it as interesting. We all agree that it is a whispered voice, but it's just too faint to determine individual words, so what now

 ...it's an EVP ?

Ummmmm no, not yet.
The time and title of the file both determine where and when the voice was heard. An example being 12.32.kitchen. 12 minutes and 32 seconds into the investigation of the kitchen. The file is then compared to the video file. We turn on the video and audio at approximately the same time, so 12.32 on my audio is 12.32 on the videos.
.....and there in the background we see at that exact time, the customer leans to her husband a whispers something inaudible to us, but picked up by the recorders.
Sadly, my file was not paranormal. It wasn't a voice from out of the portal of hell or a ghostly cry for help from beyond the veil, but nothing more sinister than the customer suggesting a nice cup of tea.
On to the next.

Just a pic or two

We headed out as a team, by ourselves, with no customers, bullshitters or wannabe ghost hunters in tow last Friday night. We didn't have a private house to do, we just headed out because we wanted to. We hit 3 places in the few hours that we had, starting off with the SS firing range, and finished up searching for signs of the White Lady at Bödekken.

We wanted to stop off for a quick 10min EVP session in the former Concentration camp, but the local fire brigade were having some beers and a BBQ there, so we left it and headed to the War Cemetery instead. (Note; the former concentration camp is now a residential area with houses, businesses and the fire brigade)
Away from the camp and its SS Range, down in the valley is the Cemetery with the graves of hundreds of soldiers, both known and unknown. It's often lit with red votive candles and these cast an eerie glow about the place. We have, in the past, had some happenings at this cemetery, but on this night, all seemed quiet and after an hour or two, we opted to head just a kilometer down the road to the chapel and the graves of the family Mallinckrodt.
It gets cold down in the valley, but wrapped up warm and with hot coffee and sandwiches on offer, moral stayed high. We spent some time trying to coax a reaction to the trigger objects and questions that we had, but here too felt barren.
It was a good night, the evidence review so far, has turned up a couple of questionable sounds that are in need of fresh ears to prove or disprove the possibility of the paranormal, and there's still more to go through, so for now, here's just a pic or two from the night.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Wieviel christlichen Glauben braucht ein Geisterjäger?

Ich habe lange mit mir gerungen bezüglich dieses Beitrags. Zumal es heutzutage schon fast uncool ist sich als Christ zu bekennen. Ich missioniere nicht und sehe auch nicht meine Aufgabe darin dies zu tuen. Ich möchte nur darstellen, wie ich meinen Glauben mit dem vereine was ich unter Geisterjagd verstehe.
Mein Team PPG besteht aus 3 Mitgliedern. Wir sind langjährige Freunde und kennen unsere Ecken und Kanten. Joe und Adam sind Atheisten, ich bin, wie bereits oben erwähnt, Christin und wurde katholisch getauft.

Ich glaube fest an die Existenz einer göttlichen Energie, an Engel und an Seelen. Das ist für mich die Essenz meines Glaubens und meiner Forschung auf dem paranormalen Gebiet. Wenn wir unterwegs sind und versuchen Kontakt aufzunehmen zu den Geistern um uns herum, dann vertraue ich dabei auf den Schutz von Engeln. Beim Reinigungsritual berufe ich mich auf den Erzengel Michael der als Verfechter des Guten gilt und Luzifer aus den Reihen der Engel gestossen hat als dieser die Herrschaft des Himmels anstrebte.
Aber wie geht es Adam und Joe dabei? Wenn ich den Seelen vermittle weiterzuziehen  ins Licht, zu Gott, was geht dann in ihren Köpfen vor? Eines ist klar: Sie stehen voll hinter mir und loben mich für mein Tuen. So wie ich sie bewundere und lobe für ihren Umgang mit den ganzen technischen Geräten. Als wir mit einem Medium eine Seele ins Licht schickten standen sie Seite an Seite mit mir und Debs und folgten ihren Anweisungen. Macht sie das zu Christen, zu Gläubigen? Wohl kaum und das ist auch vollkommen in Ordnung so. Allein ihre Bereitschaft den spirituellen Aspekten der Geisterjagd offen gegenüber zu stehen und mich in meinem Tuen zu unterstützen macht die Beiden zu den besten Teammitgliedern und Freunden die man sich wünschen kann.
Auch glauben Joe und Adam an Geister und deren Fähigkeit auf eine Seite zu wechseln in der sie Frieden finden. Nur an Gott glauben sie halt nicht. So bildet sich ein spirituelles Bewusstsein das eben so nützlich und unterstützend wirkt wie mein Glaube an eine höhere, göttliche Macht. Ausserdem führt dies zu einem nötigen Maß an Respekt den Seelen gegenüber.
Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen mit welcher Motivation ich PUs ausführen könnte wenn ich an nichts glauben würde. Wenn ich Geister nur als verirrte Tote sehen würde die uns aufsuchen. Ich hätte gar keinen Antrieb.
Somit fühle ich mich gesegnet mit meinem Glauben und meinem Wissen und mit zwei wirklich guten und treuen Freunden.


THE MIDNIGHT SHADOW After over 6 months of planning Team PPG finally arrived to investigate one of the most exciting locations ...